From strategy to design, here is Shujan's journey into business, innovation and concept design.
How to sell DIY in a country where manual labor is degrading and DIY almost non-existent?

5 years project to imagine a "Do-It-For-Me" B to B to C concept for dwellers and home improvement.

  • Ethno-marketing dweller/dwelling
  • 360 market analysis
  • Concept design
  • Merchandising strategy
  • Retail strategy
  • Digital innovation
New brand banner for the insurance market. Concept to unify existing customer touch points with a service oriented customer experience

  • Brand strategy, retail strategy
  • Concept design, brand design
  • Experience design, customer and employee journey
  • Merchandising, pack design
  • Digital design
  • Architectural design
Implementation of a digital lab to create a new place and new processes for innovation. Development of proof of concept digital services.

  • Digital innovation
  • Experience design
  • UX/UI design
  • Mobile application
A SAAS startup building a data privacy solution to track third party trackers used by martechs and their clients.

  • Concept design
  • Product design
  • Brand design
  • Digital innovation
  • Proof of concept prototyping

Hall9 was a start-up creating flash sales of shoppable curated stories. The ambition was to create emotional stories for an innovative e-commerce experience that was based on discovery rather than search.

  • Global concept design
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design
  • Digital innovation
  • Proof of concept prototyping
Exploring the use of artificial intelligence technology to gain user insight and drive influencer marketing on instagram.

  • Digital innovation
  • Brand strategy
Reviving an ageing shopping center with growing modern competition. We re-positioned the center at the heart of the neighbourhood and the tenant community. Renewed success after 10 years of decline: footfalls, sales, occupancy and asset value showed grew significantly. Design support over 3 years to implement transformation.

  • Concept design: branding, architecture, digital.
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Social and mobile
Three floors of fashion and home were redesigned in co-design with the Galeries Lafayette teams, to re-position this emblematic but struggling Parisian department store.

Following the success of this new store, the Galeries Lafayette group has started opening the brand abroad.

  • Architectural concept
  • Furniture design & sourcing
  • Signage
A new work environment

We mobilised employees for for a company transitioning into a new business, with new teams in a new city. Co-designing the office concept with employees won the company a Great Place to Work certification, at the 9th place in its category.

  • Global concept co-design
  • Interior and furniture design
  • Landscaping
  • Scenography, graphic design
  • Company seminar
Evolution of product presentation and a new purchasing path to serve a convergent strategy. Supporting the operator's vision of broadening the offer while adapting to new omni-channel behaviours.

  • Store concept
  • Customer journey
  • Merchandising
  • Interior design

Concept awarded the Janus Design 2013.

Shujan is a cross-cultural innovation and design strategist, on a mission to help businesses succeed by leveraging empathy and collaboration. He builds on 13 years of innovation in retail, has founded 4 start-ups, and has been designing since 2007.
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